Last year we did a promotional article on Faeit 212 for WAAC- Wargamers All Against Cancer. Together, (not just us), the Wargaming Community raised over £8000 for the Charity. This is a great cause, but if the budgets tight, well the budgets tight. If you can donate though, here is your chance to show once again how strong the Wargaming Community with it's Charitable Organizations.

Here is a link to last years Daves Wargamers All Against Chancer results

Here is the information you need to know.

via David Wilkinson
I did pester you last year about my Wargamer All Against Cancer (WAAC) well I am doing it again after last year we raised over £8000!

So we go again -

the twitter hashtags #WAAC #WAAC2015

The start of the fun and games is going to be the £5 Challenge
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