There has been questions regarding whether or not the Lord of Skulls will be available to Khorne Daemonkin, and the answer seems to be a yes. Early copies of the new White Dwarf reveal that it is present in the White Dwarf. As for the new Bloodthirster rules?.... available for Chaos Daemons? It appears so. Check out the latest

Please consider these rumors until we get some solid information on what is in the codex. It goes up for pre-orders tomorrow afternoon!

via Archibald_TK on Warseer
Ok guys, I know very few of what was written in that thread so spare me if it's redundant info but regarding the WD:

- The BT profiles in it are not from the Codex, they are for those who want to use them in a regular CD army. As such the rewards they have access are those from the CD Codex. So there may be slight differences in term of rules with those in the Khorne Codex.

- Someone asked about the Lord of Skulls I think? It is present multiple time in the WD, they even show its box so it's safe to assume it's in the codex.
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