These videos are always the best way to see the new models, and I am really liking the aesthetics of this release so far. While the Ironstriders will be a very expensive addition to this kind of army, I dont doubt that we will see many people running around with at least three of them. Fragile, yes, effective, maybe?. Most likely I personally will start off with just one to test it out (i do like the model though). Those infantry though, are what I am looking at for pre-orders this week.

Here is the latest from Games Workshop on the Skitarii;jsessionid=81EFF9582B5FC8605F5943FE2B5A1995

Armed with radium carbines and galvanic rifles, the Skitarii rarely, if ever show their faces, their skin and hair ruined by exposure to radiation. Indeed, many of their limbs have been replaced with bionics, for metal is strong and flesh is weak.

And these are the Ironstriders, the war machines of the Skitarii Legions. Long-legged scout walkers, they sprint alongside their brethren, blasting apart their foes with beams of laser energy or electrocuting them with a well-aimed thrust from a taser lance.
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