Community News is buzzing with activity the last few days, and if you missed out what was going on, here is your chance to catch up.

Don't forget that this is just the most recent days of articles and Community News, if you have not been there in awhile, there are Giveaways, lots more Battle Reports, and more armies to check out from What's On Your Table.

List Building With Chaos Space Marines
To Field A Chaos Legion, Part 1: Thousand Sons
To Field a Chaos Legion, Part 2: World Eaters
Hey all! Matt here, from Blood God Gaming (, to open a discussion via a multi-article series, based on the idea that Chaos Legions, as they are now, can in fact be fielded in flavorful and interesting ways!

Battle Reports
TBMC - HD Video Batrep - 1500 Necrons vs Grey Knights
Hey guys today we have another batrep for you. Irvin and his necrons take on Kevin and his Grey Knights practicing for next weekend's tournament.

TBMC - HD Video Batrep - 2000 Chaos vs Salamander
We have Eryk and his Salamanders take on Chris and his Chaos Space Marines/Daemons.

Warhound Titan Tutorial - Links
Hi all - to finish off a project series of blog posts I thought I would compile a post here, many thanks to Natfka for the invite, so there is a place more gamers could find the links to all 18 of these Warhound project posts in chronological order to hopefully help out anyone else looking to tackle this sort of project

What's On Your Table
What's On Your Table: Dark Angels
What's On Your Table; Imperial Guard
What's On Your Table: Eldar Corsair/ Harlequin Army
What's On Your Table: Chaos Marines and Orks
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