This will be an exciting week as we look ahead towards the rumored monumental codex release, Codex: Skitarii. We have had early rumors back in January, GW Webstore re-directs, and hints from the White Dwarf team both in this last weekend's White Dwarf and on What's New Today. I fully expect that what we will see will start to come in heavy.

Please remember that these are rumors. I expect that we will see a lot more coming very soon. I am looking for these pics now, and hopefully will have them linked up for you soon. Sometimes these hints come in like this, and as soon as I have more, I will get it out.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I've seen images from White Dwarf, one showing a 4 legged walker painted in red, with a admech soldier on top with a heavy stubber. There was a second image of an admech robbed infantry holding a rifle, but was rather small and blurry. Both images were shown on an internet chat group. Sorry I dont have more right now. 

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