Some interesting developments today I thought I would share. The first is that when typing out skitarii at the end of the address on the GW webstore, it re-directs you and fills in the rest of the address... resulting in Skitarii-Vanguard. Also the same address auto changes for legio-cybernetica.

There is also word from Lords of Wargaming adding to the rumor pile. He has been very accurate on many things, so here is his latest.

via Lords of War
Admech are right around the corner.
They are not actually Admech. That codex will release later. The books will be Skatarii and Cult Mechanicus."

via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
try  (/Skitarii at the end)
and it will switch to (/Skitarii-Vanguard at the end)
the same happened for the harlequins (starweaver and skyweavers) back then msn-wink.gif

also: (/legio-cybernetica)
will switch to (/Legio-Cybernetica)

it seems there is also an URL for Datacards-Skitarii-ENG tongue.png (/datacards-skitarii-ENG) (/Datacards-Skitarii-ENG)

Check this out, I did a quick video, to avoid any confusion.
Yes, you get the Records Expunged from Library page.... but its the address correction that is interesting. I tried it on the US site and it worked.

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