Following the line of re-directs that we have had lately, a new one has appeared, ... the Skitarii Onager Dunecrawler! Remember this guy?, the one we were talking about back in early January? Yea, I know most of you had written this off, but now we are getting information pointing towards a full Skitarii release.

Here is the redirect.... from the Lady Atia.

via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
OK BOYS AND GIRLS ... look at that funny little URL redirect.

What is a Re-Direct?
Its when you type something into the website, and that site auto corrects what you put in. Presumably because the address is already being worked on or saved. Here is today's step by step

type in onager-dunecrawler like this

Hit Enter

it then auto-corrects the page..... to this

the video below shows it as well. Turn up the volume and you can hear her hit the enter button as it changes.

Previous Rumors and Sightings from early January.........

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
a heavy choice walker called a Onager Dunewalker will be part of the skitarii. they are an armor 12 walker that comes with overlapping forcefields that give an invulnerable save. each additional walker in the squad increases the save by 1. they come with a conversion beamer type weapon that is more powerful up close and disperses to a large but weaker blast at longer range. squadrons up to 3. 

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Mechanicus Dunecrawler:
Ive seen the model so I thought I would chime in and describe the Dunecrawler. Sorry no pictures, it was not possible.

Its a walker with 4 armoured mechanical spider legs. The crew compartment is large metal box angled in the front. There is a small robotic arm in the front with tools and drills on the appendage. The visor for the drivers inside is a slit with optical lenses on the the left hand side of the opening. The Eradication Beamer is big, and looks like a giant conversion beamer, up top there is a gunner with a heavy stubber. I don't know the optional guns, but there are a couple. One that looks like a long barreled autocannon, but has some sort of array attached to it. None of the weapon options look like standard Imperial Weapons.

I also wanted to mention, that this is a Games Workshop release, not Forgeworld.
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