There is a lot of information flowing now about the new Admech. It seems that everyone is beyond excited about this new release, and if your not... thats ok too. Just be excited for the rest of us.

There is some debate on just how big the new Ironstriders are, but the source that gave us that, has said that it was from a GW letter to stores to get ready for the new models. So that is all we know. Still of course treat any early info as rumors, simply because there is always room for error.

This is a most interesting leak that shows us some of the new weaponry that is coming with the Skitarii, and verifies some of what we had heard previously back at the beginning of the year.

So this must be a very tall walker. I am getting excited to see more on these, as an admech army has always been a convertion army, and now we get rules and plastics! So far this looks like we will at least see 5 new units, assuming the Onager is a single unit build.

Here are some more leaks at what is looking like a very full new faction, the first we have seen in years. I think this will be a great month for GW, and a poor one for the wallets.
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