This has been an interesting week so far, with most of the water cooler talk centering around the rumored Horus Heresy starter set/stand alone game that was rumored by Hastings a week or so ago. The more interesting rumors in my mind are related to Codex Skitarii, which is still rumored to be coming very soon.  Of course even this is not next, as it seems we are moving through some Chaos Marine releases or dataslates first.

Here is the latest news and rumors of this last week.

New This Week
Games Workshop
Skarr Bloodwrath $30
Blood Tide of Khorne $130
Skarr Bloodwrath and the Wrathmongers $144
Khorne New Releases $203
The Legion of Khorne $836

Solar Auxilia Rapier Quad Multi-Laser £30.00
Solar Auxilia Rapier Quad Mortar £30.00

Dark Age
Dark Age: Outcasts + Limited Edition Skars Model: $39.99
Dark Age: Outcasts Card Pack 2015: $9.99
Salt Nomads: Bendahrin Durshe: $12.99
Salt Nomads: Moonless Night: $12.99
Salt Nomads: Tribal Warriors(3): $19.99
Salt Nomads: Hand of War(2): $14.99
Salt Nomads: Berserker: $12.99

News and Rumors

Release Schedule
Now this is what is rumored to lie ahead, and even though it this was originally two rumors, and posted in January, it has come up alot simply because of people saying what is coming next. In fact there has been little solid information on a long term release schedule, and this right now seems to be the most solid.

Next Week's Hints..... Drown the Galaxy....
.... In the Blood of all who yet live!
Exclusive Warhammer 40,000 Dataslates

via Steve the Warboss from January-Dataslates for Cult Marines, Terminators, Chosen ect. in the WD
-One God per Issue (own slates for Berzerker Termis, Plague Termis ect.)

and this was his release schedule also from January
EARLY - MID JAN Skaven (confirmed)
LATE JAN Necrons
EARLY - MID  FEB Harlequin
LATE FEB - MID MAR Endtimes : Archaon
LATE MAR  CSM Suppliment
EARLY - MID APR  Adeptus Mechanicus
LATE APR - MID MAY  Warhammer Fantasy 9th (or a new Game called "Warhammer")

Codex Skitarii
Codex Skitarii, is as far as I know the most reliable release coming our way in the near future. We had solid information about a couple of the units back in January, and even an image that was floated.. although in black and white (but apparently was seen in color by sources).

Here is the latest developments in looking at a new Codex Skitarii release.

via Lords of War****
Admech are right around the corner.
They are not actually Admech. That codex will release later. The books will be Skatarii and Cult Mechanicus."

via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword****
try  (/Skitarii at the end)
and it will switch to (/Skitarii-Vanguard at the end)
the same happened for the harlequins (starweaver and skyweavers) back then msn-wink.gif

also: (/legio-cybernetica)
will switch to (/Legio-Cybernetica)

it seems there is also an URL for Datacards-Skitarii-ENG tongue.png (/datacards-skitarii-ENG) (/Datacards-Skitarii-ENG)

so at the end of the day, we have the following working URL's:

Horus heresy
There was a lot of rumors based on the Horus Heresy Plastic starter set that people keep talking about, regardless that the most credible rumors right now place this as a stand-alone game, and the release being in the not immediate future. There is no real timeline on this, and I think to put one on it is just some people getting a little too excited when they hear something. Hastings had no immediate timeline on this, and that is where we are at.

Here is what was beind said this week.

via Lords of War Gaming****
Plastic HH marks of armor in May? You're way off!

You will see a new Space Marine codex before you see Horus Heresy plastics.
Shit, you will see a Tau codex before you see plastic Horus Heresy.

via Voices in the Trees, posted by Larry Vela on Bols***

Plastic Heresy Standalone Kits (Age of Darkness) Details

 Marine Squad Kit: 10 marines, Mk II-IV variants, bits for sergeant, communications, and banner bearer. Bolters or bolt pistol/chainsword for all. Combi weapon bits for sergeant. Pistols for sergeant include Grav, plasma, flame, and volkite. Power sword or fist for sergeant. Marine bits are compatible with current 40k bits. £35

Cataphractii Terminator Squad Kit: 5 Models. Bits for sergeant including grenade harness, power sword, combi weapon bits, volkite weapon. Marine bits include combibolters, chainfists, power fists, heavy Flamer, auto cannon, plasma blaster, lightning claws, and thunder hammer. (no storm shields) shoulders are 2 part to accept FW legion shoulders. £40

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought Kit: Heavy heavy bolter, 2 fists with weapon variants (Bolter, plasma, flame, Melta) (no claw fingers), las cannon, and multimelta. Arms are universal, and compatible with FW upgrade bits. Includes legion decal sheet. £40

Deimos Pattern Rhino (or Predator) Kit: Includes dozer blade, Smoke launchers, HK, TL Bolter, heavy Bolter, havok launcher, flamer. Will be compatible with FW upgrade kits for predator, whirlwind, razorback. £30

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212***In the last Time, there were many speculations of the Box Content. Here are some Informations from my Sources.

-2 Generic Legio Astartes Armies
-20x Tactical Marines (2 Sprues)
-5x Cataphractii Terminators (1 Spure)
-1x Contemptor Dreadnought (1 Sprue)
-2x Legio Centurions (both with options for Consul options, 2 identical Sprues)
-Transfer Sheet with Symbols of 3 Loyal and 3 Traitor Legions
-Suppliment includes a summary of the great crusade with important events and timeline
-Description of the Legions from the Decal Sheet with small history of them

via Voices in the Trees from Larry Vela on Bols*** Horus Heresy Starter Set
2 sides, Identically Equipped
Models are NOT legion marked.
Generic Heresy-era models.

– Early Heresy mark armor Astartes x20
– Cataphractii Terminators x5
– Contemptor Dreadnought x1
– Praetor x1

via a Reader here on Faeit 212***confirmed that HH was coming to regular GW stores.

A starter box set for 2 players with 'generic', non-Legion specific Heresy-era units is coming in May. Wasn't specific on plans beyond that, apart from that FW will take care of Legion-specific upgrade packs, unique units and any other stuff that GW doesn't want to run in plastic.

Apparently the demand for HH stuff has been so intense GW is centralizing the range.
Didn't mention anything about FW in stores though.

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