There are a lot of rumors floating around right now, and one of them in particular points to Eldar being after the admech release. I believe the original rumor was not referring to Skitarii, but to a full admech codex that was a part of rumors before. Sadly though, a lot of rumors were deleted by the source himself regarding what was coming.

So are Eldar coming next? There are a couple of hints that have been floating around.

- Windrider Jetbikes are not on the GW webstore right now. This has been reported on many sites, and while I have not checked every countries site, its not on the US site at the time of writing this article.

- Lords of War Gaming Yes. After Admech it will be codex Craftworld: Eldar. Plastic jetbikes and Artach.” Im not quite so sure about this one right now. A full codex release was suggested, but a release of several models have also been mentioned.

- No Codex Releases. Other rumors though have also said that there will be no replacing of any of the major codices. Space Marines, Eldar, and Tau, which could lead any Eldar releases to be part of a campaign or smaller releases.

- Rumor Reverb There has been a lot, and many of them have been complete rumor reverb, or even taken a step beyond that. So while I won't substantiate specific rumors, of accuse others of just wishlisting, its created a mess when trying to sort them out.

What I have received though was something tagged onto the end of an email regarding Skitarii (which has panned out as real), from a good source. So while I dont know how serious he was, or have any additional information, here is what he said regarding Eldar.

New eldar codex out in two or three weeks!

If I get more information I will let you know.
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