I dont have a lot to say regarding if these are real playtesters or not. I find it odd that they would post this up on Facebook, and say "We are playtesting 9th Edition!", and then go further and post pics of it. So I while I doubt know this is real, and I will let you decide yourself.

I find this a little odd to begin with, especially the change to a d8 system. Other than that there really is not much information here.

Loughborough Dice Devils- Facebook

Some Quotes from them.....
New terrain rules look awesome!
Ye primitive weapons an armour still suck against futuristic stuff
The models are just place holders. Its now a D8 system
Dragons rule
I mean d8's. D10 used as wound markers. Lost and the dammed and forces of chaos.
Unit upgrades to make it skirmish.
Get bonuses for rank an file
Theres an "ancient forces" faction book, elves, lizardmen, and skaven.

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