There is a relatively large update coming tomorrow from Dropzone Commander from the guys at Hawk Wargames. This is a rules update for both the rulebook 1.1, as well as Reconquest Phase 1. These rules will be available tomorrow for free on the website, but for us here on Faeit 212, we are going to take a quick sneak peak at what is on the horizon.

The rules will take the form of two pdf updates, one for each book.
Lets take a look. This is not a complete list, just some Highlights for each faction.

*Weapons with the Flame special rule ignore Evasion countermeasures.

*When scoring focal points, units of the "Command" category containing a Commander contribute their full points (including points for commanders). This includes Aircraft.

*Add the following sentence to the end of the Hovercraft Special Rule. Disembarking and not moving further still counts as moving 1 inch for the purposes of shooting

* UCM Falcon's points cost reduced to 40pts and gains E+2 Countermeasures
* UCM Scimitar's 'Marksman' Laser changes its MF to 1 and E increases to E11

* Scourge Corsair's points cost reduced to 60pts

* Poseidon's points cost reduced to 70pts
* Neptune's points costs reduced to 40ps

* Shaltari Thunderbird Gunship's points costs reduced to 38 and gain E+2 countermeasures
* Shaltari Warspear's changes its DP to 2
* Shaltari Ocelot's Particle Cannon changes its MF to 2"

* Resistance Freeriders' Sticky Mine changes its E to 9
* Resistance Berserkers' points reduced to 31pts

Also there are some serious point cost reduction through many of the PHR units, especially in their dropships.

Many of these adjustments really are not major adjustments, and none of them, even the ones that increase point costs, are a "nerfing of units". These are balance updates, and from my first impressions are really a step forward for the integrity of the game.

For one, my first thoughts are.... Im picking up some Scimitar's now. They were the one unit that I did not think I would ever use, and as such have just never picked on up. Also the UCM Command oribital strike going to a small blast now means that it will be much more useful.

It should also be noted that Hawk Wargames was very clear that these updates were made after talking to players and discussion on their forums. That these kind of rules updates will not be a done often, but that Dropzone Commander is a live game, and that they feel that players prefer an updated version of the game.

This is where these rules will be released.
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