Age of Darkness Standalone kits already listed? Its hard to say with this one, but there are lots of details here along with pricing. With these kinds of details, could this release be right around the corner? For the most part the rumor sources are saying that this is still a ways out, and that Admech.... well Codex Skitarii is up next for 40k.

Please remember that these are rumors, please take with a little extra salt at this point.

via Voices in the Trees, posted by Larry Vela on Bols
Plastic Heresy Standalone Kits (Age of Darkness) Details

Marine Squad Kit: 10 marines, Mk II-IV variants, bits for sergeant, communications, and banner bearer. Bolters or bolt pistol/chainsword for all. Combi weapon bits for sergeant. Pistols for sergeant include Grav, plasma, flame, and volkite. Power sword or fist for sergeant. Marine bits are compatible with current 40k bits. £35

Cataphractii Terminator Squad Kit: 5 Models. Bits for sergeant including grenade harness, power sword, combi weapon bits, volkite weapon. Marine bits include combibolters, chainfists, power fists, heavy Flamer, auto cannon, plasma blaster, lightning claws, and thunder hammer. (no storm shields) shoulders are 2 part to accept FW legion shoulders. £40

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought Kit: Heavy heavy bolter, 2 fists with weapon variants (Bolter, plasma, flame, Melta) (no claw fingers), las cannon, and multimelta. Arms are universal, and compatible with FW upgrade bits. Includes legion decal sheet. £40

Deimos Pattern Rhino (or Predator) Kit: Includes dozer blade, Smoke launchers, HK, TL Bolter, heavy Bolter, havok launcher, flamer. Will be compatible with FW upgrade kits for predator, whirlwind, razorback. £30
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