The leaks are out, and I have compiled what I believe is everything that we have seen, and more. Its hard to tell exactly, since I dont speak German, and the leaked images have been only in German up to this point. However, there are a lot of people that do speak the language, so there are quotes below that talk about the information that has leaked so far. 

Please remember that these are all based off of translations, so names of gear etc could be very different, and the possible mistakes or errors could be present. 

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The hint for next week is
Scan the painting guide?

The red square tells about the functionality of those helmets. They give the bearer a 360° field of vision and send out a disturbing signal which lets the enemies eyes and ears bleed and give em a terrible headache. Which is quite cool.

Decent statline. The Dunestalker rule is awesome  The unit adds 3 inch to moving, running and charging. And the weapon rules are great...Salvopistol is 5 rending shots...ok strenght 2 is weak, but still. , Taserstaff hits 2 additional times on a to hit roll of 6. , Ghostbreaker Grenades always wound on a 4 ....reads really cool. (my own translations of the names )

One Datacard is shown which shows the Doctrina Imperative "Binary Omniscience" from the "Protector" discipline: boosts all friendly units with tese rules BS by 3 but lowers their WS by 2 til next turn.

Both units are elite =)

i do not know all the english rule names, but i make an attempt at translating everything accordingly which is found on the equipment page i posted.

- Flechette Blaster: 12" S 2 AP - Salvopistol (5 shots), Rend

- Storm Carbine: 18" S4 AP - Assault 3

- Transsonic Weapons are listed 3:
Transsonic Blade: S +1 AP 5 Melee Transsonic
Transsonic Knife: S User AP 5 Melee Transsonic
Chorda-Claw: S User AP 5 Melee Transsonic Molecular Dissonance

Transsonic: to hit roll of 6 wounds automatically, ignoring toughness. In the first round of a melee all to wound rolls of 6 have AP2, in all other rounds EVERY wounds have AP 2. (This shows the weapon adjusting its frequency to the material they hit....weird tech inc :> )
Molecular Dissonance: One of the attacks the model has, gains the rule Fleshbane (i hope this is the correct one :/ )

- Taserstaff S +2 AP - Melee, Taser
Taser: to hit rolls of 6 = 2 additional hits

- Ghostbreaker Grenades Shooting: 8" S X AP 4 Assault 1 Explosive (3" Haywire? (Impuls on german) Neural Trauma
Melee: S3 AP 4 Haywire?
Neural Trauma: Always wound on a 4

- Converter Field: Invul.Save of 4. After passing one or more invul saves with this equipment, all units within 6" must pass blind tests, friendlies can reroll those

- Digital Weapons: nothing new

- Refractor Field (not sure about that translation) Invul Save of 5

- Data Grip Sting (what a name -_-) S User AP 5 Melee Datasting Haywire(?) Special Weapon
Datasting: additional attack at initiative 10, but no additional pile in move.

- Sicarian Battle Armor: Armor Save 4+ Invul Save 6+

- Data Acquisition Skull: +1 Morale and Acute Senses

That is all the equipment listet. The page with the weapon closeups has only fluffy descriptions, that, while very cool and special and quite mad, gain no further insight in gameplay, so i wont translate those :>

Edit: yes, they all have 2 wounds! I like.

The Ruststalkers have the special rules: Doctrina Imperative, Dunestrider, Bulky, FURIOUS CHARGE, FnP (no further comment on that one, so i think it will be 5+)

Infiltrators have : Doctrina Imperative, Dunestrider, infiltrate, Bulky, Stealth and again FnP

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Thanks for posting, the rules look pretty decent. Just a quick correction, the pistols have Shred, not rending
Other interesting rules:
The transsonic weapons automatically wound on a 6 to hit, in the first round of combat to wound rolls of 6 are AP 2, in subsequent rounds all attacks are AP 2
Infiltrators reduce WS, BS, I, and Ld of enemy models by one if they are witthin 6"
Chorda-Claws give one of your CC attacks the Fleshbane rule, Ruststalkers come stock with a Chorda-Claw
Ruststalkers and Infiltrators have a 4+ and a 6++, both have FNP, Infiltrators have stealth and infiltrate, Ruststalkers have FC
The grenades of the Ruststalkers have the Haywire rule 

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Equipment rules that I can see:
a model with data acquisition skull increases its moral value by 1 and receives the special rule Acute Senses.
Sicarian Battle Armor provides a 4+ armor save and 6+ saving throw (?)
a converter box gives a saving throw of 4+. At the end of each phase, in which the carrier one or more awarded by the Konvertrerfeld has passed saving throws, all units must pass a test within D6 inches to the wearer as they had been hit by a weapon with the special control screens . Friendly units can repeat this test.

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As i can read on page 28 on the new WD:
They say, that with the Doctrina-Imperative you are going to be like a Tech-Priest, commanding your army from above.
Knowing so far that we have seen 6 diffrent model and waiting for one more (the spider walker).
I going to ask my self, will we see a HQ Ad Mech, if the player is going to be a Tech-Priest useing Doctrina-Imperative through the noosphare? 
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