Some rumors coming around talking about the contents of a Harlequin release sprue. While I have a lot of harlies myself, even some very old ones, a new box kit is definitely something I would be looking at picking up. Especially if we have some new models to go with them.

Please remember that these are rumors. As always with rumors, please use a little salt.

via duffybear1988 on Warseer
6 figures included on the sprue (possibly one is a venom crewman).
No seer or jester on the sprue my source has.
Masks are separate to heads and there are far more masks than needed.
Lots of swords/blades for various poses.
Nearly all are in dynamic leaping/dancing poses on Eldar ruins.

I don't know about kisses. Right now I'm just passing on the details as I get them. We discussed it a little last night and think that it's possible there may be another sprue that he doesn't have that comes as part of the box. If that's the case then there may be a jester and seer as well as a troupe master included.
My source has the right contacts at GW and has no reason to make stuff up, but as usual take everything with a pinch of salt.
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