This Week most of the rumor talk dialed in on future Endtimes releases, including Book III, a book named Widowmaker, and the uniting of the Elves to combat the Endtimes. In Dropzone Commander we wrapped up the Resistance releases, now giving us a full set of releases, while Forgeworld released its ground troops for the Solar Auxilia.

This Week takes a look at the latest news and rumors that happened during the week.

New This Week
Games Workshop
Maggoth Lords Box Set
Orghotts Daemonspew/ Morbidex Twiceborn/ Bloab Rotspawned $76

Daemonspew's Host Web Bundle $334
The Twiceborn's Daemon Host Web Bundle $282
Warherd of the Rotspawned Web Bundle $272.25
Lords of Icehorn Peak Web Bundle $228

Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section £68.0

Dropzone Commander
Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft £35.00
Barrel Bomber £14.00
Fire Wagon £11.00
Hannibal MBT £11.00
Jackson APC £10.00

Latest News and Rumors
The Glottkin

The massive new model for Glottkin is revealed in the latest leaked image. Its currently posted up all over Warseer, and soon to be everywhere soon. Check out the latest leaked images... This is going to be a huge model.

Here is a link, the image is found on the bottom of the page.

The Endtimes

The Endtimes: Widowmaker and Book III Rumors
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
As always take with a pinch of salt, but this info came from very reliable sources.

There will be an upcoming release called Widowmaker, but my source could not confirm whether or not this is an end times novel or big book like Nagash.

Whatever it is called, the third end times book will follow the elves, Malekith and Teclis forced to join forces to stem the tide of chaos from the polar gates.

What my source also made very clear is that Malekith and Teclis's plans directly contradict the great plan of the Lizardmen. Mazamundi (who will apparently get a model) is greatly displeased. Suffice to say the map of the old world won't look the same afterwards.

Again, take with a pinch of salt but I take my source to be very reliable. Only time will tell.

The Endtimes: Khaine
via Arthurius11 on Warseer
As usual this is not 100% but I have heard the elves book is going to be called end times : Khaine. Also that there will be no new dark elf models with it. Take that as you will. I personally hope that is wrong or incorrect as I was hoping for new Malekith or morathi models. But leaves door open for other possible elves models / units. We will see as it is still a while away on those ones.

The Endtimes Book I, to be Released in Softback
via Lord Shadowheart on Warseer
It seems GW stores were sent an email today, saying the End Times: Nagash Book would be getting Re-released as a softback, due it being so popular.

Warhammer the App Launches November 6th

via a reader on Faeit 212
At WarhammerFest, GW Digital had a stand  in the sales/gaming hall advertising a new general app for phone/tablets that's due for release early November that will have new updates across their game lines & ranges, bulletins, and "exclusive content" - the first of which will be a Sanctus Reach document.
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