This week was dominated by Warhammer Fantasy's Endtimes book II, Glottkin. It had quite a bit of hype, and already sold out before I even woke up Saturday morning. That is one hell of a release. Definitely the Endtimes have given Warhammer Fantasy a huge breath of life.

Lets take a look at what happened "This Week"

New This Week
Games Workshop
The Glottkin and Warhammer: Glottkin $175
Warhammer: Glottkin Limited Edition $165
The Glottkin $109
Warhammer: Glottkin $66
Warhammer: Glottkin (Interactive Edition) $54.99

The Unified Legion of the Glottkin $1,225.25
Glottkin New Releases Web Bundle $266

Adeptus Astartes Strikeforce $230
Wrath of the Hive Mind $165

Solar Auxilia Dracosan Armoured Transport £76.00
Solar Auxilia Tank Crew £16.00

New FAQ's and Erratas

Warhammer 40k
Warhammer 40000: Rulebook - Updated 22nd October 2014
Warhammer 40,000 Codexes
Chaos Daemons - Updated 22nd October 2014
Dark Eldar - Updated 22nd October 2014
Imperial Knights - Updated 22nd October 2014
Space Wolves - Updated 22nd October 2014
Tau Empire - Updated 22nd October 2014

Black Legion - Updated 22nd October 2014
Escalation - Updated 22nd October 2014

Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer: Rulebook - Updated 22nd October 2014
Wood Elves - Updated 22nd October 2014

Latest News and Rumors
The Endtimes

via What's New Today (hidden hints of what is coming")- Not rumors
"Across the Sea of Claws they will come, aboard rotten ships on foetid tides."

"Three there will be: three armies, three lords, three brothers. Three cities will fall, three heroes will die."

"Beneath the greatest city of men the Gardener sows the seeds of despair."

"The twin-tailed comet blazes in the sky. A sign of hope, or a portent of despair, the augurs cannot say."

via Harry on Warseer ****
How bout just a snippet sir? Just a scotche? Just a meager tid-bit for us starving rumor folks sir?

OK, here's one for you .....
Chaos Vs "Humans".

Chaos Vs "Humans".
Awesome! Thanks Harry! I may be way off, but that sounds like the contents of a new starter Box to me (or limited edition box)

We have been playing this game together for too many years.

via Thorin in the Faeit 212 inbox ****
Attention everyone! I missed another piece of information from the WD 
editorial that will make Chaos Players rejoice!
Jes Bickham mentions that in the Glottkin book there's rules for summoning 
Daemons. You read that right, you can now summon daemons!
HOWEVER this seems to be limited to Chaos Sorcerers, yet I don't know 
whether these include wizards from DoC and BoC as well.

Also we get a full-blown combined list as it seems, with most likely all 
options available. BoC, DoC and WoC are officially "combined" now.

via Thorin through email here on Faeit 212 and on Warseer ****
Ive got some new information for all of you, taken from the upcoming WD.
-3 brothers, Ghurk (Beast), Ethrac (Sorcerer), Otto (Warlord)
-Biggest kit yet for all Chaos armies, might be bigger than Nagash
-2 head/hand options for Otto, aka helmeted/unhelmeted and holding a
severed head/his own entrails
-The brothers are NOT conjoined
-Fluff: As their parents, peaceful Norscan farmers,were murdered by
imperial troops, the three wanted to take revenge and took up their
respective equipment, aka Scythe and Wizardry/Healing. Mutating into a
giant-sized beast was just an addition for Ghurk.
-The 3 nails put through a lot of stuff as already seen on the Maggoth
Lords is the Glottkin's symbol
-They're Archaon's "scouts" and were sent to kill Karl Franz and destroy
-No rules in the WD for them, sadly

-Archaon still doesn't take action but rather sends Glottkin and Valkia to
do his dirty work in the Empire/Naggaroth

-New High Patriarch is called GregorMartak
-Karl Franz is alive and has new rules in the Glottkin book, he's called
somehthing along the lines of "The ascended Karl Franz" and can resurrect
from the dead if killed in-game, though no word's given on how often. In
another fluff text, he's called the "Mightiest fighter of the Forces of
Light". Make of that what you wish.

-Louen Leoncoeur is alive! Yes you read that right. He lives and now serves
as a vassal to Gilles le Breton

-The Glottkin book spans over half a year, from spring 2525, when Nagash is
awoken and sends out his Mortarch Vlad to help the Empire, up to autumn
2525 and concludes in the attack on Altdorf, which happens at about the
same time as the defeat of Settra at Nagash's hands and the downfall of
Nehekhara. Basically the stories of "ET: Glottkin" and "ET: Nagash" are

"ET: Glottkin" contains rules for a new game style called "Streets of
Death" and includes rules for fighting in cities, e.g. Altdorf and
Marienburg. Manning barricades and destroying buildings are just 2 features
mentioned that come into play during the BatRep (which the Good Guys win

The Paint Splatter article doesn't give hints about next week, strangely.
The "What's Next" part, however, says "Atemgeräte an!", which translates
to "Turn on your respirators!", "Building a Legion of Chaos", and "Codex:
Apocryphes" (however this doesn't say anything at all).

Blood Angels

via Lords of War Gaming ***
This just in from Lords of War Gaming on Facebook:

There will be a campaign book that is released early November. Necrons are not for a while I know of two armies that are next and another codex that will shock people next year.

Early November campaign book... with Blood Angels?
I been told that there will be a box like Storm Claw. BA for sure but I don't know it its Nids or Necrons. If I was to guess I would say Necrons following the Storm Claw model.

End of the year as in December or in November?

I was told December. I don't not know if it is at the beginning or at the end.

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