An older discontinued model, this is pretty cool for What's On Your Table.

I recently had the good fortune to pick up one of the old discontinued Forge World Asurmen Phoenix Lord statues.
Whilst my first instinct was to paint him up in my take on his usual colours, I thought it would be better to paint it as a dilapidated Phoenix Lord Shrine that can be used as Terrain on the Tabletop, either as a "counts as" Honoured Imperium Space Marine Statue or, and this is much more likely, a nice piece of themed Scatter Terrain.

Whilst I could have done a bit more with it, I think it would have detracted from my idea for an old weather beaten Relic if everything had been clean and crisp.

Eldrad and the Spiritseer are included for Scale purposes, as I'm sure there may be many of you who haven't seen the Asurmen model previously.

Hope you all approve...

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