Rumors are abound today that the Endtimes Book III will involve a united Elves, as the world is being rearranged and destroyed as we now know it. In this set we hear whispers of an upset Lord Mazdamundi and the possibilities of a new model. And then there is The Endtimes: Widowmaker.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
As always take with a pinch of salt, but this info came from very reliable sources.

There will be an upcoming release called Widowmaker, but my source could not confirm whether or not this is an end times novel or big book like Nagash.

Whatever it is called, the third end times book will follow the elves, Malekith and Teclis forced to join forces to stem the tide of chaos from the polar gates.

What my source also made very clear is that Malekith and Teclis's plans directly contradict the great plan of the Lizardmen. Mazamundi (who will apparently get a model) is greatly displeased. Suffice to say the map of the old world won't look the same afterwards.

Again, take with a pinch of salt but I take my source to be very reliable. Only time will tell.

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