Chaos Lord of Nurgle is up tonight to start off our week.

Hey Natfka,
I would like to share my recently finished Chaos Lord of Nurgle on his Palanquin. The Palanquin base was made with a 40mm base, a clear flying post and 25mm base. I used green stuff around the post to make a nurgly looking support arm. 3 more 25mm bases were used to build the main platform (three intertwined circles in the likeness of the Mark of Nurgle) with more green stuff added for effect. A box of Nurglings were used to mate around the inside of the bases just as some others seen on the net. I magnetized the Chaos Lord to the top so he could be used on a standard 40mm base as well. Lastly you might notice the Black Mace he is wielding.  Its made from the Power Maul in the Chaos terminator kit along with the Musician's horn from the WHFB Chaos Knights kit.  The technical paint "Nurgle's Rot" is a must for anyone doing a nurgle themed army.  This was my first project using it and I'll be adding some slime to my other models too.  Enjoy the pics.


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