Reports of Glottkin and his rules are starting to filter in my way, and wow. If these are correct, he is looking to be a powerhouse, although he does cost a lot in points. Check out the latest on Glottkin.

Update: Leaked images are out, and they can be found here

Please remember that until release, these must be considered rumors.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
Hiya natfka,
Not sure if anyone has been in touch about Glotkin rules yet,                     and I were chatting and he told me some 
of the Glot rules, what i can remember fairly accurately:

*12 wounds
*5 attacks with and additional D6 for his arm, plus thunderstomp etc too.
*one attack is S10 and D6 wounds
*all Nurgle units within 12" can re-roll charges
*Level 4 Wizard
*Every time he wins a challenge he automatically gets the reward thing 
which gives him a +1ward save which can then stack.

Oh! remembered something else, beastmen will be able to be given marks of the chaos gods in the new book with the combined legions army
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