I have some new models in route, and figured it was time to take stock of what I had already had painted up and ready. Of course I just yesterday completed my Aegis Orbital Defense Laser and Drop Pod.

A large part of the UCM were painted by Blue Table Painting, and I think about 45 of the models were painted by myself. Of course I did the scenery sets that are here as well. So yes, I have been busy, and the next up for myself is painting up some Bushido, and Dark Eldar. 

Also I figured I would mention it here first, that there will be some site updates here as well in the near future. The primary focus behind them is to get more community oriented news onto the site (events, tournaments, conventions, podcasts, live feeds, and more for the community). More info on this in the coming days. 

If you want to see the counter to this force, check out the previous Scourge Army post showcasing the Scourge.

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