No Chaos Knights are something that a lot of the community has been grumbling about. At Warhammer Fest there was news that quite possibly yes, they are coming. To top it off, in the latest Forgeworld Imperial Armour 13, there is mention of several new knights, the Hell Knights, Questor, Subjugator, Hell Scourge and the Hell Strider. These would be a huge release for Forgeworld, and one that I am sure they will not be passing up.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Dave (a reader on Faeit 212)
Hi there,
Been reading my copy of IA 13, page 117 has this interesting passage when discussing Daemon Engines:
"The class may also include those engines that appear to be debased mock dries of our own glorious and noble Knights: the Hell Knight, Questor, Subjugator, Hell Scourge and Hell Strider."
Could this be the 1st clue towards a future release of Chaos Knights?

via Mr. Mystery on the Bols Lounge
First up, my conversation with Darren Parwood, who is responsible for the current FW Knight stuff. I asked him outright 'are we going to see Chaos Knights/conversion kits?'. His initial answer? 'I'm not really allowed to talk about that'...which is sort of a yes, reading between the lines, on account it's not a no. Conversation developed, and he explained that background wise, they felt a little boxed into a corner, as the Knights are presented, via the Throne Mechanicum as all Goody Two Shows and stuff. Finished up with 'Never say Never'.

So far, so not terribly clear. Hopeful yes. But not certain.

Later conversation? Yeah Mr Parwood is Mr Mechanicum, and will be doing Dark Mechanicum, and may have mentioned weapon heads for Titans and Knights in that same convo.....

Now. Onto more tangible stuff.

IA 13 has, for the first time in modern 40k, referred to Renegade Daemon Knights. Questor, Subdjucator, Hell Strider etc. Right there in Black and White, with the Inquisitor off to speak to the Relictors to find out more.... This is the same book which mentions predecessors to the Contemptor Dread - potentially significant on account the Seminars promise a new Dreadnought for the Heresy....
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