There was a lot of rumors and looking ahead this week at what we will be seeing next for Warhammer 40k and the Endtimes book releases. Of course this weekend there is a lot of Warhammer Fest information flowing. 

This Week takes a look at the latest news and rumors of the week.

New This Week
Games Workshop
Putrid Blightkings $55
Gutrot Spume $26
The Scions of the Last Plague Web Bundle $136
Wych Cult Shardstorm $160

Dropzone Commander
Hellhog Fighter £13.50
Battlebus £12.50
Storm Wagon £11.00

Dark Age
Dark Age: Fanaticism $29.99
Fanaticism Card Deck $9.99
Secondary Objective Deck (2015) $4.99

Latest News and Rumors
Warhammer Fest
Lots of information is coming out of Warhammer Fest for both the Horus Heresy and upcoming Imperial Armour 13 releases.

Here is a good list of the links that we have shown here on Faeit 212. There are lots of pics, and information on the following pages. 
Horus Heresy

Imperial Armour 13

Games Workshop Stores Rebranding
An interesting development this week was the changing of 3 storefronts. While I started receiving these pics earlier in the week, misinformation was flowing about what was going on, and I was doing some digging to figure it out. It didnt take long though for one of the stores to put out some solid information on what was going on. Here is what we discovered.

via Games Workshop: Edinburgh on Facebook
Ok so I see that the web is asking a lot of questions due to the "Warhammer" rebranding we have done, so let me explain.

After almost 26 years here in Edinburgh we have changed the name on the front of the shop.

Nothing else changes, everything we did we will keep doing! Just the name changes.

I'm hopeful that most of you will agree it makes sense, we get called "The Warhammer Shop" ALL THE TIME, so we are joining in!

Its only a trial to see if it makes any difference to us, and its only being done in 3 shops, here, Chiswick and Bath, if we feel like it works it MAY get rolled out one day...but don't expect to see it anywhere else for a long there you go, goodbye Games Workshop Edinburgh...Hello The Warhammer Shop!

Necrons In January Along With Endtimes Book III
There was two rumor bits from Lords of Wargaming, the second one correcting and defining what they have heard is going on.

via Lords of War Gaming on Facebook 
Rumor rating***
A little bit of correction of the Necron rumors: They will receive a codex, but it will be in January. There will be a major change to FoC in this codex. You will also see the release of the third "End Times" book in January as well.

Here was their previous rumor bit
Tons of rumors flying around about Necrons and they are all wrong. The Necrons will only see the release of a Necron lord, no codex will be released. Also Tyranids will see the release of two large bugs. The rules for their models will be in the box like the Nagash release. This is also just a model release for the Tyranids, no codex.

Lastly the Blood angels will be released at the end of the year.

Blood Angels
Blood Angels and Necrons had a couple set of rumor conflicts going on earlier in the week, but for the most part, reliable sources have been chiming in that indeed Blood Angels are the next Warhammer 40k codex. The second set of rumors seem to point to a lot of releases of standard Space Marine releases that may end up coming alongside the Blood Angel codex.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Rumor Rating ****
BA are indeed pegged for a mid-november release but there will be little or even no model releases at all.

If there is anything released expect either plastic reclusiarch or sang priest. But no new squad kits or vehicles.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
Rumor Rating ***
I got some Information:
-New Character, a Captain (maybe 1.Company)
-Mephiston in plastic
-New Terminator Box with all weapon options
-New Assault Marine Box
-New generic Dreadnought
-Honour Guard Box (maybe only an repack)

-Mephiston will be a LoW, he turned into a "uber" psyker
-BA Painting Guide
-Suppliment featuring the new captain

-The Flesh Tearers are now watched by the Inquisition
-A Rumor make the round in the Imperium, one of the BA successor chapters are traitors (not the Flesh Tearers)
-The attitude of Imperial authorities over the BA worsen

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