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This is Inkub from Miniwojna and Polish Miniatures here (www.miniwojna.blogspot.com and www.polskiefigurki.blogspot.com). And if I'm here, it means that this is time for further Polish Wargaming News article - Polish companies and Polish miniatures by a guy from Poland:)
So, welcome to the fourth installment of this bi-weekly review.

Previous summary of Polish Wargaming News may be found here:

All links lead directly to appropriate products available at the manufacturers’ webstores or to reviews of products.

Grimdark future, for the starters:

Radar Station from Puppets War
Puppets War is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of wargaming miniatures and models and its range is constantly growin. "Radar Station" is one of two new models from this company, which I want to show in today's article. As usual, this is modular model, which is compatible with all vehicle turrets available at Puppets War's webstore. Yours for 7 EUR / 9.87 USD / 6.09 GBP.

Orc Warchief in Juggernaut Mecha-Armour
Kromlech at its best - orc in impressive armour. Well, I should say really LARGE orc in very impressive and detailed armour (miniature comes in about twenty separate parts). Add to this 40 mm resin scenic base and it is clear why this beauty will cost you 27.99 EUR / 38.53 / 23.17 GBP.

Space Knights Sonic/Steampunk shoulder pads from Spellcrow
Spellcrow builds its range of resin bits designed for few different Space Knights legions. The newest line is labelled as "Sonic/Steampunk". So far there is a set of ten shoulder pads available, torsos should be at the webstore any day too. Price of this set is 8 EUR / 10 USD / 6.50 GBP.

Efreet twin heavy flamer turret from Bitsbox
Bitsbox is one of the less known Polish companies but it has a rather extensive range of various weapons, bits and vehicles in 28 mm "heroic" scale. One of the last releases is this "Efreet" twin heavy flamer turret supplied with mounting and base plate and compatible with vehicles produced by this manufacturer.
I think you will be pleasantly suprised by the price of this new release: 13 USD.

Doom bikers from Puppets War
Second release fromt this manufacturer, new bikers. Models are available in two sets, first contains five bikes, second consists of just one model. Excellent as a unit for previously shown Doom Jetbiker from the same producer.
Price of single model is 9 EUR / 12.69 USD / 7.83 GBP, set of five costs 36 EUR / 50.76 USD / 31.32 GBP.

Fantasy in 28 mm scale

Spellcrow's sets of fantasy miniatures
Spellcrow promotes its own free fantasy skirmish system Umbra Turris and makes metal 28 mm "heroic" scale miniatures for it. As they tend to bo both well sculpted and generic, I think everyone interested in fantasy games will find something nice for themselves. Lately Spellcrow offers sets of these miniatures. There are four such sets currently available: Humans, Dwarves, Heroes of Back Alleys and Rogues of Back Alleys. All sets contain six metal miniatures and are available for a regular price of 30.50 EUR / 38.10 USD / 24.78 GBP. First three sets are currently available with a discount, current price is 21.80 EUR / 27.24 USD / 17.71 GBP which is, in my opinion, really good price.

Forsaken Mutants Swarm from Ristul's Extraordinary Market
REM is a newcomer in Polish wargaming industry, having started in about a year ago. Even being such yound company, every month brings new releases in few selected ranges. One of the new ranges is labelled as Mutants. There is a new set of "Forsaken Mutants Swarm" available now, set contains 9 miniatures and you can buy it for 44.75 EUR / 56.77 USD / 35.22 GBP.

Accessories, bases and similar stuff

Street Set no. 1 from ZEN Terrain
ZEN Terrain is another young Polish company, specialising in HDF laser cut terrain models. It has steadily growing range of 28 mm "heroic" scale models with definite high-tech sci-fi feel. The newest addition to this range is set labelled as "Street Set no. 1", containing benches, street lamps, trashcan and water feature. The kind of small architecture one can expect to find on any street, useful as cover and enriching tabletop. You can buy this set for
8.85 EUR / 11.14 USD / 6.94 GBP.

Lava bases from Den of Imagination
Den of Imagination is primarily painting service company but still it makes some own products, for example "Lava" scenic bases. There are several different sizes of round bases available and you can buy all of them singly. Prices vary from 10 USD for large oval flying base to 0.80 USD for one round 25 mm base.
All currently available "Lava" bases from Den of Imagination:

Infinity 3rd edition templates
Micro Art Studio produces official, licensed accessories for "Infinity" game. With release of the 3rd edition of the game, MAS has also released a new sets of templates for this game. You can find them in three colors (orange, green and blue). Price of one round template, made from 3mm thick transparent, fluorescent acrylic is 11.07 EUR.


Eradicator Deathdroid
Dice and Brush blog has published a inbox article of Eradicator Deathdroid walker machine from Cybertronic megacorporation from "Warzone Resurrection" game. You can read it here:

Close Combat Squad from Evil Craft
Power Armoured Metal blog has been updated with a review of Close Combat Squad set of 28 mm "heroic" scale miniatures from Evil Craft company. I personally think this company makes one of the best chaotic miniatures for sci-fi setting. Check it out here:

Well, that's all for today, we will meet again in two weeks I think.  Meanwhile, you can read news about products and releases of Polish companies on daily basis on Polish Miniatures Website.
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