We have been seeing some really amazing work form the community of late, and this one stands up to the best. Truly inspiring. Someday I wish to have a fraction of the talent shown by community members like this.

I recently finished this model for the european forgeworld open day in Amsterdam. Thought it might be nice to feature it on your site, especially with all the Blood Angels buzz going around lately. Hope you can find a spot for him, as i´m quite proud of the result!

Kind regards,
Ryan Mead

What's on your table is an opportunity for readers to share what they are working on. Conversions, painting, batreps, even side home brew projects. If you want to Share "What's On Your Table". Please no more than 8 pics, send your project to natfka@live.com. If for any reason you do not want your name used, please say so.

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