With Blood Angels coming, there is a lot of chatter right now about the contents of a new box set that will tie into a Campaign featuring the Blood Angels and quite possibly Tyranids and Necrons. Lets check out the latest whispers.

Nightfury has been commenting quietly in the comment section for sometime with hints on what is coming, and last night he mentioned a few things I thought worth pulling together into a single post.

Please consider these rumors, as many of his hints in the past have turned up correct.

via Nightfury from the comment section here on Faeit 212
The campaign box hq for Tyranids will be a broodlord :-/ i don't play tyranids so not sure if that's good or not but there ya go ;) 
Umm wait a sec i might have gotten that mixed up with the Lichtor.. idk i don't play bugs so sorry if my names are off but its the thing with two big arm claws on a drednaught sized base

You'l get a ba named captain an assault/jump squad of the black armored guys a squad of termies and a squad of tacticals.. the tyranids will get the lichtor(big guy with claw arms on a 40mm base) and a pack of termigants cc? And hormagaunts gunbugs? I don't play nids so if i got the names wrong sorry.. heard it here first :) 

Oh.. and the necrons will play a part in this campaign far as I've heard 

I was specifically told campaigns would be used to tie codexs together ie ork & sw so expect this to be BA and necron related fighting tyranids together :) 
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