A couple different rumor bits going on about the latest Endtimes Releases, and some of the background or fluff that is rumored to be coming regarding the Elves. The Glottkin boxset contents are being reported to contain a sorcerer and champion, while the Endtimes Book II is being reported to be two hardcover books with one dedicated to backbround and the other to rules.

Please remember at this point that these are considered to be rumors.

via Ghost9494 on L'Astropate
- "The Glottkin" box contains a sorcerer and a champion on a monster similar to a Nurgle giant;
- The english version of "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" is a set with two hardcover books, one for the story and the other for the rules;
- The italian version is a softcover book with the rules and a reduced version of the story;
- "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" contains the story about the forces of Chaos (Daemons, Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen) invading the Empire.

via Sexiest_Hero
A lot of people are gonna be mad when the elf book hits, fluff wise I think.

Mildly irritated. I think a lot of people get caught up in the Noble High elf them when in truth it's more petty high school drama. Look for their pride arrogance and lust to be their downfall. Arrogance most of all.

I hear a little bit from a fluff fairy. ...People have a romanticized view of high elves, as good or noble. They are a force of Order. The elves will not save the day with another great Vortex. Things will get as bad for their island and the Empire, Woodelves, and Britonia. You already see the petty things they have done in the first book. Well you haven't seen petty yet.

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