This week's releases are not going to come as a surprise to anyone, as we have seen the leaked image of Glottkin already, and it has been well rumored that we will be seeing both the model release and the Endtimes Book II. Here is this week's releases

There is still a little room for error, as we have not seen leaked images for these, and the two bundles for 40k seems out of place. So consider these rumors until we get more information.

If you have not yet seen the leaks, here is a good place to go see the new Glottkin model and cover of the next White Dwarf.

via Felwether
This weeks pre-orders:
The Glottkin (€86/£66)
Warhammer: Glottkin (Book) (€52/£40)
End Times: The Fall of Altdorf (Black Library)
The Bane of Malekith (Black Library)
There are also two bundles (I'm guessing) for 40K.
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