For the most part I believe these went unnoticed, but there was a recent price increase for many Forgeworld models that has gone under the radar. Just to be clear it wasn't me that noticed them, but rather one of the astute readers here on Faeit 212, that wrote down what he noticed and sent it in. Here is a list of some of the current price increases lately.

Please note that this was sent in a couple days ago. Some of these are rather small increases, while others were much larger.

Hey Mate,
Just wanted to give a headsup that FW has in the last week increased prices on their stuff (unsure if its been reported elsewhere.)

For example
Zone Mortalis 4x4 Bundle; was 350 Pound, now 360 Pound
Zone Mortalis 2x2 Bundle was 90 Pound, now 93 Pound.
Eldar Revenent Titan, was 195 Pound, now 201 Pound
Warhound Titans, was 255 Pound, now 263 Pound
Warhound Titan Arms, were 33 Pound, now 39 Pound
Fire Raptor Gunship was 95 Pound, now 98 Pound
Dreadmaw was 52 Pound, now 53.50 Pound
Ork Warboss on Bike was 40 Pound, now 41 Pound
Ork Nob Warbikes were 54 Pound, now 55.50 Pound

These are just the recent products Ive noticed Im sure there was a general increase recently and I hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere.

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