Yesterday a source gave us lots of information about the new book and there was a small bit of information that the same person is saying he missed out of the White Dwarf editorial. Chaos can Summon Daemons! Find out the latest below.

Please remember that until release, these must be considered rumors.

via Thorin in the Faeit 212 inbox.
Attention everyone! I missed another piece of information from the WD 
editorial that will make Chaos Players rejoice!
Jes Bickham mentions that in the Glottkin book there's rules for summoning 
Daemons. You read that right, you can now summon daemons!
HOWEVER this seems to be limited to Chaos Sorcerers, yet I don't know 
whether these include wizards from DoC and BoC as well.

Also we get a full-blown combined list as it seems, with most likely all 
options available. BoC, DoC and WoC are officially "combined" now.

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