Staying up with the pulse of the community, small things are often noticed coming and going, available, sold out, and sometimes gone for good. Today there are a couple notices from the community regarding both the Monstrous Arcanum and the Warhammer Fantasy Battering Ram.

Note I was able to locate the Battering Ram on the GW US webstore by doing a search. Im not sure if had moved or why it could not be found previously. Monstrous Arcanum I could not find, and its good that its still available, even if you can't find it on the site.

via readers on Faeit 212
"I have some information regarding Monstrous Arcanum. It's been missing for 
a little bit on the Forgeworld website, but I can confirm that they haven't 
removed it from the cash register database in my local GW branch."

"Hey just noticed one of the oldest models that games workshop created is no 
longer listed. Warhammer fantasy battering ram is no where to be seen on 
site and yesterday was there. Hope it helps and keep up the great site."

Battering Ram location

please note that I do not use readers names unless given permission to.
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