The Campaign featuring Blood Angels is being rumored to start as the week after Tyranids, which looks very much at this moment to be next week. Whoa that was fast, and how time flys. October is just about wrapped up and we are into November already. Lets take a look at the latest.

I know this keeps getting referred to as a starter set, and I think it should be clear that it is not. Places like Lords of War Gaming and other sources keep repeating this is not a starter set. I am not sure if this is rumor reverb, but looks a lot like what we have been hearing.

via Larry Vela on Bols Lounge
Blood Angels
5 death company
10 assault marines 
1 furiouso dreadnaught
1 New Exclusive captain w jump pack

3 warriors
20 gaunts
3 lictors (this makes no sense, perhaps Hive Guard)
1 NEW Exclusive Prime

Campaign is slated to kick off the week after Tyranids
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