Games Workshop is going to be launching a new app, apparently for news that will go directly to your iphone. Of course that means many of us will have it, and the ads promise unique free content, exclusive previews, and daily updates. Lets take a look at what this is.

The app was announced at Warhammer Fest, and it will just be one more thing...... like What's New Today, or the GW newsletters we get in our inboxes.

You can also read directly from someone that was at Warhammer Fest with some information.

via a reader on Faeit 212
At WarhammerFest, GW Digital had a stand  in the sales/gaming hall advertising a new general app for phone/tablets that's due for release early November that will have new updates across their game lines & ranges, bulletins, and "exclusive content" - the first of which will be a Sanctus Reach document.

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