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Warriors of Chaos: The Latest on Waves and Releases

This update on the Warriors of Chaos release information was on Sunday, so I am of course a little behind on it now, but its still very relevant regarding both the Warriors of Chaos for Fantasy, and when looking hard at release dates possibilities for 40k.

Last week it was revealed rather abruptly that the Warriors of Chaos would not be seeing a new army book this fall. Instead that a wave of models and even a possible White Dwarf insert would be coming in November. So here is the latest bit.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Harry over on Warseer

Release Date:
Coming in a number of waves.
First wave with out the book. (WD pdate)
First wave (as predicted) November.
Next wave February/March.

Skull crushers
2 Finecast characters
One new one and one old favorite.

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  1. Hmmm. WD updates can only mean one thing...


    1. You oft make my day, Sir. This is one of those times.

    2. As soon as I started reading that I said "invasion" out loud.

    3. I think it will be a nice wave of models before a much nicer book coming next year.

  2. So if that's November, that means it will be in the October WD and that means no DA codex this year because Novembers white dwarf will be overloaded with Hobbit stuff. Booooooooooo.

    Fantasy already got two books this year plus chaos demons update. So much for the 25th anniversary of 40k.

    1. Its nice to see where GW's priorities are huh? I will be disapoonted if we dont get another book VERY soon.

    2. Hard to tell if you are being sarcastic :p

      We have chaos this weekend and the nothing until next year, and pushing DA back also delays Eldar and Tau

    3. I wasnt sarcastic. Just disappionted. But still gratedul for whay we DID get.

    4. Easy, there is not much more they can release for hobbit. Its closed world. There is nothing new that wasnt in hobbit book.

    5. Um...I suggest you read the Silmarilion. There is a TON more to Tolkien's world than the Hobbit and the Trilogy. And apparently Jackson is drawing heavily from the Sil in order to stretch the movie into three parts.

    6. If they had gothmog on table top... i would actually play lotr.

      Tbh silmarillion times are better for table top than lotr...

      noldor elves, sindar, houses of men. morgoth. sauron before being OP.

      Dragons, more balrogs, special characters

    7. Just to be technical, he's not taking anything from the sil, he doesn't have the rights and the family won't give them up. He's taking from the appendixes of return of the king. So no gothmog :(.

      Also there will be a ton of models for the hobbit.. New goblins, wargs, trolls, dwarves, stone giants, I'm sure new elves.. Etc

    8. For some reason, I'm starting to believe that GW are likely to release two things at once. The new direction taken by WD will mean there's a few bits and bobs from different areas of the hobby, rather than just blanket coverage of one new release. Of course, I could be mistaken.

    9. Te fact that WoC are getting a wave release changes not much at all.

      October WD - WoC
      November WD - DA
      December WD - Hobbit / flyers.
      January / Feb - WoC book / dual daemon release.

    10. What do you mean so much for the 25th anniversary of 40k?

      6th Edition
      Codex Chaos Space Marines
      Limited edition 25th Anniversary model
      Tyranids Second Wave
      Space Wolves Second Wave
      Necrons Second Wave
      Daemons Third Wave + codex update
      3 New Fliers
      And aCrap Load of Finecast updates!

      Considdering WFB only got half that id say GW did well.

      And Octobers WD is already out! Just because it came out early doesnt mean its not Octobers.

      So :

      October WD-CSM's
      November WD-Woc OR DA
      December WD-Hobbit


  3. The Tzeentch lord character perhaps?????

  4. Hobbit gets released Dec 14th so they can do Dec release and wd cuz i doubt new line wants them releasing anything before the movie comes out so Oct is csm and Nov can still be dark angels i hope anyway

  5. GW won't break up the release schedule for WFB and 40k to do The Hobbit, that stuff will come on top, so to speak.
    What exactly is coming for WFB and 40k in November and December, I don't know. But hobbits won't hog the spotlight.

  6. I think that the hobbit will be december and WoC novembre.
    DA on january.
    They will lode the xmas sales with the cover boys of 40k and DV.
    Big failure for GW again.

  7. I would like an official BSB for WOC.

  8. I think the hobbit will disrupt a lot I mean lord o the rings more or less took over wd when it came out. It's a shame because personally I think its a waste of time but I suppose gw have to please the investors

  9. CSM's and WoC? Truly this is the age of chaos!

    1. pretty much, this month is very much the "month of chaos marines" in addition to the codex and models BL's released a few chaos centric books too (trecheries of the space marines has some good reads in it IMHO)

  10. Fantasy? Thought this was 40k rumors only? Please direct me to a 40k mill...

    1. Hey, I play both and I don't want to find a second high quality source like this, or trawl Internet forums for the info.

      Also, oct release is csm. If nov. release is chaos warriors, December will be hobbit. Just because white deaf comes out in the last Saturday of a month does not make it that months white dwarf. The current issue is the October issue, if there's any confusion

    2. He does ALL GW rumors, which I'm eternally grateful for, since I also play both.

      Keep it up, Natfka!

  11. Lol, people still think anything non-Hobbit related is coming out next month?

    Face it, theres no DA Codex or Warriors update. Its The Hobbit people.

    Octobers White Dwarf makes it clear - look at the last page before the back cover, its Hobbit-era Gandalf.

    1. Look at the inside back cover of your September White Dwarf, it's a Dark Angels Marine with the words "The Battle Rages On!"

      And look at us now with the October release of Dark Angels... oh wait.

      The Hobbit isn't hitting before December at the earliest and I remain dubious about even that because it would necessitate dropping at least the White Dwarf, and possibly models, before the movie is even out.

      A November mini update for WOC and a December Dark Angels release actually makes a lot of sense (also, that would keep the teasers you place so much weight in running chronologically)

  12. Given how much GW are trying to push the new WD, it's not inconceivable that they'll dedicate a dozen or so pages to highlighting a bunch of new WoC releases before highlighting the Hobbit. Throw in a Hobbit battle report and painting guide, before finishing up with a WoC kitbash section... could be a good WD.

  13. Replies
    1. New multi-part plastic kit, I'd assume, since they said new models for the WD update. It's obviously Khorne related, unless GW goes completely left-field.

    2. I'm hoping it's Knights on Juggernaughts.
      but wtf is a Hellstrider?

  14. I don't think we will any stuff for the hobbit until late December, early January due to the fact that the hobbit isn't in cinemas till late December and New line cinema don't like GW showing stuff until its already been seen in the film, they did it with the lord of the rings trilogy.