Almost all of my hobby time of late has been eaten up with preparing to move to a new house. That doesnt mean my obsession (40k) get ignored, it just means less time for it, and some of it is getting packed up for that final move day.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Running into other Hobbyists
Its always fun to run into other hobbyists in unexpected places. So there I was taking the kids out to a fun place to play earlier today (I was exhausted from two games of 40k last night), when someone walks by seeing what I am reading. Yes, I was reading the rulebook. I am almost always reading and re-reading codices and other material for 40k. Someone reading 40k books is an obvious give away to the hobby, so of course he sat down at the table next to me and said that he liked my reading material.

We have some very cool people in this hobby, and its always fun to talk about this and other hobbies. So next time if you are out and about, take a book with you, brush up on your codex or rulebook, and you never know who you might meet.

Vector Strike.
Ok. Rulecheck for readers. Can a model take a cover save against vector strike hits? I could of sworn I read this somewhere, but for some reason the ruling and its reasons are eluding me today... and last night during the games.

I will say this.... The Heldrakes in last nights game wracked up a incredible number of kills, including wiping out the remainder of a Grey Knight Strike squad with Vector striking S7 AP3 hits, and wiping out an undamaged Stormraven with vector strikes. This and its baleflamer of course wracked up a good number of kills as well.

So anyone got the ruling on cover saves for Vector Strikes?

Chaos Space Marines
I absolutely love the new codex. I do really think it is a good codex, and can be very competitive. I think the biggest problems with it are for people that there just so many options its hard to see one that just shines above the others.

While I love the dex, I do think that its troop choices are its weakest link. Coming from IG and Grey Knights, where troop choices can be their greatest strengths, I find that Chaos is very much often a specialist army, where elites, heavy support and fast attack choices are the strongest units. While I know you can take HQ's to pull elites into your troop choices, I find their heavy point costs a little debilitating.

So when it comes down to building an army list, I find that its valuable to start with your troops and build up from there keeping in mind the combos and other selections you are going to try and find room for. With this codex you just cannot do everything you want to in one list. Focus and specialize.

Grey Knight Retiring List
I am officially retiring a list temporarily for now. Yes, its just working a little too well. While I am not going to post it, because its still under construction (and on hold til I finish my move), the list is the one you see on the videos of late. It gets a little bit crazy with 29 plasma guns, and a ton more shooting to back that up.  Coteaz is just a lot of fun.

So there will be a last video tonight and then that army is going away for a bit, while I work on something new and exciting. CSMs, Dark Eldar, IG, Blood Angels, Dark Angels...... I just don't know yet.

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