Two big battles down for Chaos Space Marines, and soon a report to see just how they are competing. 

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Whats Going On
This week has been rather light on Faeit 212, for many reasons. The first simply being that the rumor mill has slowed down again, which is not a fun trend. Second that once again, I catch everything my kids do, and have been down sick. The last, we finally got the go ahead on buying our new house, and the bank has given us less than 30 days to get everything done and close the loan.

Chaos Marine Battle Reports
Ive gotten a couple games in against CSM's and we are taking the approach of taking hard lists up against them to see how they fare. The first of which was not even a close one. However, Chaos Marines did come back in the second game, and it was a tight battle with most of both armies destroyed. Who won the second one...... for that you will have to wait.

I will put together the videos hopefully today, and get them out, the first later today.

Investigative Reports
I am working on a new project, digging with anyone I can, on getting the truth out on how Games Workshop writes their codices. From Conception, Schematic Design, Refinement of units, playtesting and finally to writing the codex. I have contacted several people, to start this process, and its been incredibly slow, but have had some good responses.

Our community really has some serious misconceptions about how this is done. So shining a little bit of light on the subject is the intention of this article series.

So this is a call out to those that I do not have contact with. I would love your input if you are somehow connected to this process.

Thats it until later, I am heading back to bed.

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