Joining the lists of what to expect for Warhammer 40k, we have the latest on Space Marine Tactical Squads.  More specifically, this rumor bit gets down to what we will see in the box when it is released.

To confirm this, I have also heard that in whispers a while back that all options found in the codex entries would be represented. So this is a rumor I have had information to correlate with.

Please remember that these are still rumors, and we do not know when we will see this release.

via Stickmonkey over on Warseer
What I understand is the tactical box is 3 sprues 10 marines. All options represented for a full tactical squad. So heavy weapons and special weapons represented. Sgt options represented, with the exception the combiweapon is multipart, you can only build 1. No word on sternguard options like special bolters and the like. Hands are molded with the weapons, but not arms, however some weapon/arm combos must go together. No chapter specific icons present.

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