Its Halloween, and here is a treat for the readers here. An installment of the Artist Showcase hits this week. Its been lacking just because of lack of people wanting to be showcased, and after a few weeks gets left in the dust. Lets hope we get more special treats like this one.

This hobby is about many things, but one of the few things it is not often called is art. By any terms of work, or artistic creativity, there are many Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy models found throughout the world that are pure artwork at its finest. From painting, sculpting, and to customization, this hobby produces some of the best, and this is their showcase.

Hello guys, I'm Brovatar from "Den of Imagination". On my blog you will find gallery of my painted models and articles on the creative process of all my projects. I also try to put up tutorials to help everyone improve their skills. Lately my main interest goes towards sculpting, I hope one day to have a range of miniatures done by me for sale. Hope you will find my Blog an interesting read. 

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