There is nothing like a customer supporting their local store, and throwing in a shout out for its tournaments. So here is another store, and yet another 6th edition tournament on the near horizon.

So if you are the TO or the owner of the store and you want to add to this, please email me.

I'm not a T.O, just an attendee, and I wanted to let you know about
the Comic Asylum's monthly in store tournaments. They have, thus far,
monthly 40k tournaments, using full rules for 6th.

Anyway, the next tournament they'll be running is on October 20th. I
believe it will also be 1500 points. Only change is that the tables
are already populated with terrain to promote quick games.

Contact information is:

Comic Asylum
905 North Jupiter Road #170
Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 231-8939

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