From these rumors, both Deathwing and Ravenwing are going to be getting 4 units each. Of course these are playtest rules, and I do not have any information on how far along the design process these this playtest set is.

Playtesting rules, vary tremendously. Some of them if they were very early sets, will look nothing like the final product, if they were much later and close to the final product we are much more likely to see something like this.

So take this rumor set with a large amount of salt. Even better take it for what it is, a playtest set, that more than probably is not what the final product is going to look at.

If you have more information about this set or other playtest sets for Dark Angels, please email at It would be excellent to get a little bit more information on what is going with these playtests. I would imagine that the codex is already done, printed and waiting for its release at this point.

via Master Sheol tranlated these rumors from Italian. Below the english translation is the original in Italian
DA Playtest Rumors
Today a guy posted some rumors on the GWTilea italian board...
He told he has some rumors about DA coming from a UK playtester...
Basically what it says is that DW and RW will have 4 units each and some other info too...

Deathwing should have:
Command squad- 2 wounds like GK paladins... WS5 and BS5... command squad upgrades... upgrades for attached chaplain and/or attached librarian... very expensive unit...
Elite squad - Close combat specialistic unit with mastercrafted weapons and specific options... WS5
Troop squad - the DW squad we know now but without any speacial ability... i guess they will be just fearless without DWA... chaplain in TDA can attach...
Heavy Support squad - BS5... no access to assault weapons but access to heavy weapons... AP3 Stormbolters...

Ravenwing should have:
Command squad - 2 attacks... WS5... all the guys can take sergeant upgrades... command squad upgrades...
Troop squad - like the bike squad in vanilla codex (3-10 bikes and 2 bikes can become a single attack bike) but with RW special abilities and options
fast attack squad - 1-5 attack bike squadron can split into 2 units
LS squadron - 1-5 LS with access to all equipment as per vanilla codex plus the specific RAM version (rumored to take LC too) they can split into 2 units

New kind of dread that can take terminator options...

Very big transport flyer with room enough for 20 marines (the rumor says 20 tda but i guess it will be 20 PA or 10 tda)...

Chaplains that can act like a single unit or join squads like SP in BA army...

Another guy i know told me about a rumored name for a DA veichle... VENGEANCLAD or similar... maybe it will be the dread with terminator options...

Codex should be out between february and april...

Sezione termy (scusate scrivo da un tablet la correzione automatica scrive a caos.... )
Ci saranno 4 truppe termy
1 squadra comando stile paladini 2 fe con possibilità di fare mini bibliotecario e mini cappellano ac ab 5 molto cari
2 squadra truppe come ora ma no abilità speciali aggregabile cappellano guardiano
3 reparti speciali da assalto solo armi cac che contano perfezionate, ac 5 equipaggiamenti da cac unici
4 supp pesanti da tiro con requiem vp 3 di base ed armi pesanti uniche ab 5
Unita di mini cappellani stile wolfguard usabili come campioni d'unita o come unità se stante
Maxi veicolo da trasporto volante che potrà contenere 20 terminator mix tra land raider e cannoniera stormraven risalenti all'epoca delle legioni
Dread che potrà avere equip specifici dei termy
Fonte un amico play tester inglese

Anche qui 4 scelte
1 sq comando motociclisti con ac 5 specialisti tutti dovrebbero poter scegliere equip di sgt 2 att a testa
2 truppa normale, SOLO MOTO Max 1 moto d'assalto squadre da 3 - 10 Marines divisibili in 2 squadre da 5 Marines 5+5 oppure 5+3 e moto assalto
3 supporto leggeri solo moto d'assalto 1 - 5 moto o insieme o divise come si vuole Max 2 squadre
4 supporto leggero 1-5 Vrl possono tutti montare requiem/melta e ac/flamer piu il lanciamissili. 1 per squadra versione "RAM" 2 cannoni assalto 2 mitr requiem non binati sostituibili con lascannon e melta
Anche qui divisibili in 2 squadroni

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