A Helbrute release is apparently coming soon, however do not expect it until after the new year. From what we were told in the past it has a less dynamic pose, but will come with all the options. The rest is that there are more models on their way, including Thousand Sons.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Stickmonkey on Warseer
Got a few bits for the csm fans.

Helbrute is the only DV model getting a release soon. But don't expect it in 2012. All codex options are there, and the model looks fantastic, it should not be too...long of wait though.

One of the staffers has csm plague zombies on his/her desk. All conversions. Hard to tell from the new photography, these are really great conversions, so when they show up, no one get excited.

Thousand Sons will get the first plastic kit when they come out. But that doesn't mean others won't be out at the same time. I know that's cryptic, and it's on purpose.

There was a csm plastic revamp that was underway. I cannot get a response on if it is still coming or not, normally if something is scrapped people are straight forward. This much obfuscation tells me something is happening.

There is a bit of chaos scenery coming. It should please world eaters.

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