We have more bits of information saying that something is going to be happening early in the month of November, but exactly what it is still eludes us. We are really floundering here, as apparently whatever it is coming out is being kept a deep dark secret.

via Terabyt3 from the Faeit 212 inbox
November 6th

The Facebook page of metro centre GW posted an image displaying all the events for half term (school holidays) and the whole weekend is reserved for new releases.

November 10th

If you check out warhammer worlds Facebook page they have a massive chaos space marine exhibition being unveiled on the 10th as well. 

It doesn't indicate that new models are being released but I'd like to hope that if they were doing a display to keep in there (much like the space wolf/nids one in the front window) it would look prettier without 20 year old models.

The dates and times would certainly tie in with a second wave of chaos though. 

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