Somehow this got lost in my inbox, so I wanted to make sure it gets its post. I want to say first off, that I have no first hand knowledge of how Maelstrom Games is doing, but I also do not want fellow hobbyist to get the short end of the buck. On that end, I would be careful of ordering through companies that are close or seem to be going under.

I have read about this on various sites, especially the ones listed, and figured I had best get this posted. A huge thanks to MadCowCrazy for putting this together.

Please if anyone has anything to add to this, or if you find the information incorrect, please comment below. This is all about protecting the hobbyist. If Maelstrom is now solid, please send me some info.

Lets not take this conversation down the toilet.

via MadCowCrazy
There has been allot of talk about Maelstrom Games lately. No one seems to know for sure what's going on but to me it seems they might be going under and scamming as many people as they can before they do. 

I ordered 2 DV Starter sets back in August and still haven't received them, trying to contact Maelstrom Games is now impossible as they refuse to answer phone calls or reply to emails. 

From what I've read it seems the person who owns Maelstrom is scamming as many people as he can before the company declares bankruptcy. It seems they have no intention of fulfilling orders of which they have no stock. 

A new company has been started under the name of: 

A person went there and asked about outstanding orders with Maelstrom (it's the same place) and was told those belonged to the old company and had nothing to do with the new. 
They also had new staff it seems. 

Dakka Discussion 

BoLS Discussion 

Beasts of War Discussion 

This is all rumours and speculation at this point but I would advise people to open paypal disputes with Maelstrom as soon as possible so you dont get scammed. Maelstrom owes me 2 DV Starters and because it's been over 45 days Paypal refuses to give me any money back. 

In either case it might be a good idea to stay clear of Maelstrom and Eye of the Storm for the time being. 

Looking forwards to the next rumours post
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