Put this in your Calendar for November 17th

“From the Depths of the Death World”
Warhammer 40k Tournament1000 pts
Single Force Org Charts with Allies
Full 6th Edition Rules (Mysterious Terrain, Mysterious Objectives, Fortifications)
Alternating Terrain Placement
Printed Army List (Army Builder preferred)
3 Rounds
Start time is 11 AM
Registration is at 10:30 AM
Entry Fee: $5.00
Location: And Books
3315 Johnston St
Lafayette, Louisiana 70506
(337) 984-3405
10:00 am - 7:00 pm


  1. All this Black Templar pics I keep thinking there's gonna be a rumor about them...natfka you teaser!

  2. Wow, I hope everyone that attends can tell us what it is like playing 6th edition in a tournament. I'm pretty excited for it myself.

  3. Had me all excited thinking it was Lafayette, IN

  4. As the TO I am very excited and anxious for a full 6th edition tournament. Many local players opposed running the full rules of allies, fortifications, and alternating terrain, but 6th edition is a complete package of a game, and it would not be right to hamstring the game by not only the full spectrum of possible tactics be available. There will be a full report with pics afterwards.

    1. By not allowing the full spectrum I mean.

  5. So the tournament was a complete success. We had 14 players from three different cities participate. The format was 3 rounds that covered a campaign where the armies land on a planet in search of a powerful xenos weapon. The mission involved layered objectives involving taking objectives, defending a home base, and kill points. Mystery objectives were used with some restrictions in order to preserve balance. And terrain was deployed alternately. The two most popular armies were csm and tyranids, with chaos and tau tying for first. Everybody had a blast, and excitement is high for the next one.

  6. And I forgot the best part, in the last round where the armies find the extirpator, they can try to fire it. I wrote rules for it that made it very fun, powerful, but very risky to use. Only one player had the courage to pull the trigger, but he lucked out and fired a S10 AP1 beam...that didn't kill anyone.


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