I have been working on my video skills, not only in editing, but in filming as well. I have noticed that editing is for the most part, trying to make up what my filming skills lack. Both skills are equally important.

For those curious, I am using Vegas Movie Studio for my editor. Here is a little bit about the video, which will get a battle report later today (with more pics or another video more bat rep style). A huge thanks goes out to Jacen for his advice on getting me started in video editing.

A strong Coteaz list takes on Abbadon with a dual Land Raider list. The possessed Land Raiders were very moody in this game, as one ate a terminator as the game began, and then proceeded to get immobilized on the first bit of terrain it came across at the beginning of round 1.

To top it off, the Land Raider that was carrying Abbadon, was damaged (3 hull points), but also failed a terrain test at the top of round 2, which wrecked it. This cut the Chaos Marine advance to nothing, and being completely stuck out in the center of battle field where the Chaos Marine advance was very much cut down by massed plasma fire.

So the video was cut short, and only contains 2 full rounds of play. I am hoping to get a less misfortunate game recorded for a much fuller length cinematic video.

I learned a ton with this video. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the video.

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