Just in, Warhammer Fantasy players rejoice, there are new FAQs up for Warhammer Fantasy. It looks like there are quite a few changes, and here are a few of them.

Page 83 – Monstrous Cavalry.
In the second paragraph, replace “All the cavalry rules…with
one exception – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Wounds characteristic…” with “All the cavalry rules…with
two exceptions – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Toughness and Wounds characteristics…”


Q: What happens if a Wizard loses one or more Wizard levels?
A: Whenever a Wizard loses one or Wizard levels, he instantly
forgets a single spell for each Wizard level lost, chosen at
random from those he knows.
Q: Can a model lose Wizard levels granted by a magic item? (p28)
A: Yes.
Q: Can Bound Spells be forgotten if a Wizard loses a Wizard level?
A: No. If a model has loses a Wizard level and has a selection
of ‘normal’ and bound spells, do not include the bound spells
when randomising which are forgotten

There is quite a bit more there, from Daemons of Chaos to Tomb Kings. Here is the link.


  1. Any Faqs on the WoC? If their getting updates I wouldnt expect a new FAW

    1. Chaos Warriors got a few things added to their FAQ. Banner of Rage now gives mounts +1 attack.

  2. The high elves FAQ says V 1.5 on the site, but the pdf says 1.4 (in the actual document) and there is no magenta wording? What's up with that?

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  4. I recognize that picture! Ah, I loved Warhammer Mark of Chaos and Battle March both. Best RST for me, have to find those DVDs now, to remember the old times.

  5. Nice! Finally those Demigryph Knights can be useful. =D


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