Just in, Warhammer Fantasy players rejoice, there are new FAQs up for Warhammer Fantasy. It looks like there are quite a few changes, and here are a few of them.

Page 83 – Monstrous Cavalry.
In the second paragraph, replace “All the cavalry rules…with
one exception – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Wounds characteristic…” with “All the cavalry rules…with
two exceptions – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Toughness and Wounds characteristics…”


Q: What happens if a Wizard loses one or more Wizard levels?
A: Whenever a Wizard loses one or Wizard levels, he instantly
forgets a single spell for each Wizard level lost, chosen at
random from those he knows.
Q: Can a model lose Wizard levels granted by a magic item? (p28)
A: Yes.
Q: Can Bound Spells be forgotten if a Wizard loses a Wizard level?
A: No. If a model has loses a Wizard level and has a selection
of ‘normal’ and bound spells, do not include the bound spells
when randomising which are forgotten

There is quite a bit more there, from Daemons of Chaos to Tomb Kings. Here is the link.

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