It seems we have some new fortifications on the horizon. While we have not seen any rules yet for them, they look very cool, and is definitely on my to get list if and when we see these. They are not listed on the Nov. 3rd releases. These pics are from the November White Dwarf though, and I think they are going to fit in wonderfully. Just take a closer look at those locations for heavy weapon teams.

I dont know what the release date for these are, nor the rules for them. We are simply waiting for more information here. Below I gathered what I could below, and it seems that the name of the fortifications are the Wall of Martyrs. Hopefully we get more information on these in the next few days.

via Kurl Veranek, and others over on Warseer
You get 3 defense lines, 2 encampments and 1 bunker, plus a bunch of barricades. It has special sections for heavy weapons teams. It looked quite extensive. the official name is apparently is the 'Wall of Martyrs'. 130€ for the bundle btw

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