As in any game getting down to the basics helps new players grab a hold of the base concepts on how the game is organized and plays. In a game like the Genesys Project where you are creating your own faction a look at your factions characteristics and what they are is a first step to creating your faction/species.

There are essentially 9 characteristics that make up the models for your faction. They are divided into three groups and are used on the gaming table, with several that combine to create target numbers. This ensures that models that are quick and fast are harder to hit with Ranged Weapons, while those highly skilled in melee combat are more difficult to high with close combat weapons.

Characteristics range from 1-6......mostly but of course go above and beyond it. The Genesys Project is a D6 + Characteristic game.

Physical Characteristics
  • Strength: Obviously used to determine how hard your melee combat attacks hit, but also used to determine if a ranged weapon is considered a normal, heavy, or even stationary weapon.
  • Toughness: Toughness will determine if attacks simply bounce off, critically hit, or you get a save. A save against a hit is a D6+ your Toughness.
  • Movement: This is literally how far you can move in inches on the tabletop. You may move up to x3 your movement characteristic. However, heavy ranged weapons and other actions will be limit your movement. 
Skilled Characteristics

  • Martial: Is used for melee combat, and a simple roll with a d6 is added to your martial skill to see if you hit an enemies Mtn (martial target number)
  • Ranged: Is used for shooting and throwing weapons and a simple roll of a d6 is added to your ranged skill to see if you hit an enemies Rtn (ranged target number)
  • Defense: Defense is tied into a models target numbers, helping them to avoid getting hit.

Knowledge Characteristics

  • Discipline: Is used for a couple things, including determining your Morale. It also determines the maximum size squad you can take.
  • Willpower: Also used with Morale, and very important for casting powers. To cast a power you roll a d6 adding it to your Willpower to see if the power if successful. 
  • Command: Important but often not considered is Command. This determines who how many squads you may activate in any given game round, as well as helping you challenge to first every round if you do not have initiative.

Target Numbers....
Paying attention you have noticed that there are a lot of target numbers in the Genesys Project. In fact there are three.

  • Martial Target Number (Mtn): This is the number someone needs to hit you with a melee attack. It is determined by simply adding your Martial and Defense Characteristics together. 
  • Ranged Target Number (Rtn): This is the what is needed for someone to hit your model with a shooting or throwing attack. Determine by adding your Movement and Defense Characteristics together
  • Morale: Need to stay in the battle? If during any single activation you kill or down 50% or of a squads total models you may roll to beat their morale and make them flee. Morale for models is determined by adding their Discipline and Willpower together. 

The final release versions of the Genesys Project are underway, and we will talking more about this game very soon.

Need to know more... you can get a game overview here at this link

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