This last weekend we ran a giveaway for a miniature from Raging Heroes. We had lots of interest, with a lot of you being Drakhari 40k players from your comments. As with all good giveaways, there was a winner, and I wanted to make certain we announce it.

So Congratulations to Broodlord who won the the Slithiss, Excrusicatrix Mistriss miniature. He already has confirmed everything and the miniature was shipped his way yesterday. I am hoping, and he already says would, that he will share his progress on the miniature with us on a What's On Your Table feature in the near future. That will be fun.

Here is the latest from Raging Heroes.... Draahk Packs are here!

FLASH SALE! Featuring unreleased Hunters (for Sci-Fi) + Vestal Riders (for Fantasy) + last chance for the Draahk Exclusive Packs!

Want to get a sample for review? Just answser this message!
By popular demand, we are bringing back 2 Exclusive Packs, but only for 3 days as stocks are very limited. We got an unscheduled shipment from the foundry with extra Vestal Riders and Hunters, so Dark Elves and Void Elves players, here's a chance to upgrade your army quickly!

🐲 Draahk Attack - Last Chance!
💀 Crimson Raiders - Flash Sale!
👽 Void Raiders - Flash Sale!

Last chance for the Draahks Packs!

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